9th Danone Nutrition Forum
“Nutrition and Dietary Education for Infants and Children”

On October 6, 2007, in Tokyo, the Danone Institute of Japan organized the 9th Danone Nutrition Forum under the theme “Nutrition and Dietary Education for Infants and Children”. About 400 of dietitians, health professionals, educators and students participated.

9th Danone Nutrition Forum

Date October 6, 2007
Time 13:00~17:00
Venue Toranomon Pastoral 4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, 105-0001 Tokyo Japan

forum 9th


Nutrition and Dietary Education for Infants and Children

Opening Address Prof. Michio Imawari
Showa University School of Medicine
DIJ President
Keynote Lecture Chairperson
Prof. Michio Imawari

“Shokuiku” – Linking Practice, Evaluation, and Research”

Dr. Nobuo Yoshiike
Director for Research Evaluation and Coordination, National Institute of Health and Nutrition, Japan

Symposium Chairperson
Prof. Makoto Shimizu
Associate Prof. Koichi Inoue

1. “Basics of Weaning and Dietary Habits: On the “Guidelines for Breast-feeding and Weaning””

Ms. Chiharu Tsutsumi
Nutrition Director,Research Department of Maternal and Child Health Japan Child and Family Research Institute Imperial Gift Foundation BOSHI-AIIKU-KAI

2. “Dietary Education and Calcium Deficiency in Infants: Behavioral Scientific Approaches to Nutrition Education”

Ms. Kazuko Ohki
Graduate School of Human Life Sciences SHOWA WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY

3. “”Dietary Education” for Infants Aims at Helping Them Enjoy the Good Taste and Pleasure of Meals -Lessons Learned from the Meal Service Programs at Day Nurseries-”

Ms. Yukie Kitagata
Donguri Day Nursery

Panel Discussion

Three speakers


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