How the five musicians got better!

How the five musicians got better!

Dear Parents,

To prevent life-style related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, children need to establish a healthy lifestyle early on and to enjoy nutritionally balanced meals from their early childhood. For children, it is important to have well-balanced meals with an adequate quantity of protein, a moderate quantity of good quality fat, and sufficient dietary fiber, especially, dark green vegetables, and to establish good regular eating habits.


This leaflet provides a short story for children and parents to learn together about the importance of having a well-balanced diet and how dairy products improve their health.

  •  Foods belonging to the red group Strengthen blood and bones and make you grow bigger and stronger. Dairy products belong to the Red group.
  •  Foods belonging to the yellow group give you energy and strength.
  •  Foods belonging to the Green group keep you in good condition and protect you from illness and stop you getting a cold.