DANONE INSTITUTE OF JAPAN FOUNDATION (DIJF) is the 15th Danone Institutes worldwide, cooperating with Danone Institute International in France. Launched in 1999, the DIJF was established as a non-profit academic organization and later became a general incorporated foundation. In March 1 2012, the DIJF was authorized as a public interest incorporated foundation.

Our mission is to promote public health by disseminating knowledge on nutrition and good health, and we aim to contribute to the activities of health promotion for people in Japan and all over the world


DIJF conduct the following non-profit activities to accomplish our mission:

(1) To subsidize excellent researches on health and nutrition, particularly child nutrition, elderly nutrition and probiotics.

(2) To provide up-to-date scientific information to people working actively in the front lines in the areas of health and nutrition.

(3) To provide basic knowledge and information on nutrition and health for people all ages, especially young children.