About DIJF (Danone Institute of Japan Foundation)

Our mission is to promote public health by disseminating knowledge on nutrition and good health.

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Danone Nutrition Forum

DIJF holds an annual forum to encourage nutrition professionals with providing the up-to-date scientific information on health and nutrition.

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Leaflet for Nutrition Education

DIJF distributes two types of leaflets: the Nutrition Education Leaflet and the Sports Nutrition Leaflet, free of charge to educational institutions and health centers nationwide.

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Nutrition Education Lecture

DIJF is offering Nutrition Education Lectures for the students and their parents to spread the knowledge of healthy eating and better lifestyle habit.

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Nutrition Education Website

“Gohandamon! Genkidamon!” is a family-friendly nutrition education website offering various content including fun videos and articles!

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The 26th Danone Nutrition Forum


DANONE INSTITUTE OF JAPAN FOUNDATION (DIJF) is the 15th Danone Institutes worldwide, cooperating with Danone Institute International in France. Launched in 1999, the DIJF was established as a non-profit academic organization and later became a general incorporated foundation. In March 1 2012, the DIJF was authorized as a public interest incorporated foundation.