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DIJF held Nutrition Education Seminars at boys soccer clubs in July, 2012. 
Ms. Hisako Kubota, a registered dietitian gave lectures titled “Eat well to play soccer better” and talked about the importance of well ballanced meal, how to eat before the games, and how to drink water efficiently.
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We were pleased to receive positive feedbacks such as “The lecture gave me a good opportunity to realize the importance of good eating habit” or “Thank you for a very useful lecture!”. 
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Danone Group in Japan is supporting nutrition education and provides free samples of water/yogurt. 

Photos from the past Seminars

2019年7月4日 筑波大学附属高校

2019年6月14日 春日部市立東中学校

2019年6月8日 駒沢女子大学健康栄養相談室

Yokosuka Seagulls 2019/5/11


Junior & Senior High School at Otsuka, University of Tsukuba 2018/7/5

Yokosuka Seagulls 2018/4/7

Kanagawa University High School 2018/2/17

 Yokosuka Seagulls 2015/04/11

 F.C Esperanҫa 2015/03/07


 Yokosuka Seagulls 2014/7/26

 Chiba Jets 2014/04/03


 Nakamachi FC 2013/03/02

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 Regista F.C. 2012/11/11


S Project F.C. 2012/9/23

nikotama sss

 Futagotamagawa SSS 2012/09/02


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Kajigaya FC 2012/07/22

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Hachioji Minamino SC 2012/07/01




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